Home Stay

Prami’s Home Stay Plan

What is Home-stay Plan?

Home-stay is a form of tourism where visitors rent a room in the host’s private home to experience living in a family atmosphere and care. It usually involves Bed and Breakfast set up with possibility of lunch or dinner and weekends with the host family. Guests live independently but have the opportunity to share kitchen, dining hall, living areas, communication facilities and festivities as a member of the family. Living with local people is the best way to learn more about native culture, life-style and enriching the experience you gain every day.
Prami’s home stay plan offers you opportunities to stay in a family cottage and share your holidays or free time with the host family members, who will guide you to enjoy local cultural rituals, believes, cuisine and other religious practices. Prami’s family consists of a couple with a 18 year young son, kitchen helper and puppies living within a cozy compound of some 800 square meters area of clean parapet, green lawn, organic kitchen garden and some twelve varieties of fruit orchards and flowering plants.

The Environment


The enticing environment of the clean green compound with lots of fruit trees, flowers and orchids not only give you the healthy aroma of fresh air, but also attract a great variety of butterflies, birds and honey bees for you to chase around and photograph. It give this downtown compound a remote resort villa environment.



Kusunti Home Jawalakhel  Lalitpur (800 sq. m. compound)          

Kathmandu valley is a UNESCO World heritage site, consisting of seven monumental zones in the cities Kathmandu (Kantipur), Lalitpur (Patan) inside ring road and Bhaktapur to the east of the ring road. The seven monumental zones are so close to each other, within a 12 miles radius, that Kathmandu valley is practically an open museum or the world’s most famous cultural and artistic centre.

Lalitpur is the most preferred residential area, first inhabited in the valley and a city developed within the ancient Ashokan stupas in the four cardinal directions. Famed for its fine arts (Lalit kala), Lalitpur, is a city of fine arts, located on the southern heights of the valley with great panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks to the north and boasts of having Nepal’s only zoological and Botanical gardens, an open museum of artistically ornate royal palace square, Golden Buddha temple, million Buddha shrine and innumerable Buddhist monasteries around.
Naturally, Lalitpur is the seat of many UN offices, diplomatic missions, famous INGOs (JICA, SDC, DFID, ICIMOD, SNV, Norwegian, etc) and offices.The main Jawalakhel area is surrounded by diplomatic missions, foreign INGO offices, banks, supermarkets, restaurants, bakery, souvenir shops, book store, hospitals etc.



Pramila Rai / Maheswor Bhakta Shrestha, Prami’s Home
Jawalakhel- Kusunti Road, Lalitpur-13
Phones: (9771) 555 4100, 5553489, Mobile: (977) 98510 94345, 9818765312
Post Box 736 Kathmandu, Nepal
Emails: mahesworbs@gmail.com, prs_aashirbadtreks@yahoo.com