Rara Lake Tour

3 Days

Tagged as the biggest and the deepest Lake of Nepal, whatever you see, touch and feel once you reach Rara Lake will be a one-of-a-kind experience. The scenery is extraordinary as you will notice a beautiful 10.8 sq. km big and 167 m deep blue lake in the middle of deep conifer forest. One of the most beautiful natural phenomena of the lake is it never freezes even in the winter being situated at an altitude of 2990 m. We will also view the scenic river of Karnali which is the longest river in Nepal. Rara Lake tour is one of the best ecotourism destinations as Rara national park is home to 214 species of bird and over 20 mammals of different species. 

Endless green forest, deep blue untouched lake, magnificent mountain range, and an experience for a lifetime are guaranteed once you backpack and traverse to this unique destination.


Starting Trek point: Talcha

Ending Trek point: Talcha

Highest altitude to gain: Rara Lake (2990 m)

Difficulty: 0.5 out of 5

Seasons to avoid trekking here: None (Avoid Jeep ride in rainy season)


Altitude information: Kathmandu (1400m)
Your arrival will be awaited by our representatives at the Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA). You will be transferred to the hotel rooms in the city along with your luggage. There is no specific activity designated for this day. You will meet the rest of the trekking team and representatives and you will have all the freedom to prepare yourself for the next day.

Overnight in Kathmandu
Lunch, breakfast and dinner included

Altitude information: Kathmandu (1400m), Nepalgunj (150 m), Talcha airport (2735 m), Rara Lake (2990 m)
We will fly to the district headquarters of Banke district in the western region of Nepal, Nepalgunj. The flight duration is 1 hour from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj airport. Then we fly from Nepalgunj to the airport situated at a higher altitude in Talcha. It will take us about 2 to 3 hours to reach Talcha airport.
This is where we start hiking. We hike for about an hour or so depending on the individual's hiking potential to reach the pristine lake of Rara. We will stay overnight in a hotel and spend time by the lakeside.

Overnight in Rara
Lunch, breakfast and dinner included

Altitude information: Rara Lake (2990 m)
After a short exploration of yesterday. Today we will have our breakfast on the banks of Rara Lake. There are options for horse riding and boat riding too. The Rara national park was officially initiated to protect the floras and faunas of the Humla-Jumla region. So we can stroll around the premises of the Rara region, we might just come across a musk deer or a red panda. Home to 20 different species of mammals and 214 species of birds, taking a short hike near the premises is the best way to spend time while we stay at Rara. We can also hike to Murma top for an awesome aerial view of Rara Lake. Travelers are free to spend their time in any way they want as long as everyone is enjoying this once in a lifetime experience.

Overnight in Rara
Lunch, breakfast and dinner included

Altitude information: Rara Lake (2990 m), Talcha airport (2735 m), Nepalgunj (150 m), Kathmandu (1400m)
We then retrace the same route from Rara Lake to Talcha airport and fly to Nepalgunj airport. From Nepalgunj airport, we fly to Kathmandu and cherish the success of the trip to the biggest lake in Nepal.


How difficult is this trek and tour?

This is one of the easiest treks in Nepal. There are little to no risks while trekking to this region because we will be traveling by jeep which eliminates the risk of fatigue, injuries, dehydration, and altitude sickness. An option of flight is time-saving and comfortable but you will still have to trek from Talcha to Rara Lake.

What is the accommodation like?

Since we are not heading to the most mountainous part of Nepal the accommodation choices are fairly good as we will not be spending any night in a tea house. Comfortable hotels and lodges are available throughout the trek.

What kind of fitness is required to complete this trek?

People of all ages and all fitness levels can complete this trek comfortably. We will be travelling by jeep throughout the time and will have to walk only after Talcha jeep station where we will park our jeep and hike for about 2 hours to reach Rara Lake.

How is the road condition?

The roadway from Kathmandu to Nagma is comfortable but from the checkpoint of Nagma, the road is bumpy and rough. As we will be traveling in a jeep it is much more comfortable than in a local bus. Taking a flight is a more comfortable and time-saving method of traveling but expensive than the roadways options.

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Rara Lake Tour
  • Flight Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to Talcha Airport
  • Rara Lake (2990 m)